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Lavender, Cedar Shea Butter Soap Inspired by Game of Thrones-Lannister Gold

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Soap Ingredients: Sandalwood, Activated Charcoal, shea butter
Soap Inspired by: The Lannister Family (Game of Thrones)
Soap Characteristics: This soap is inspired by the powerful and rich Lannisters from Game of Thrones. This luxurious soap is topped with gold nuggets symbolizing the wealth of the Lannister’s. This soap is beautiful, indulgent, and luxurious

Bathe yourself in rich luxury with this soap, inspired by the popular TV family. Encrusted in gold soap nuggets, symbolizing wealth and power, this bar contains the aroma of sandalwood to calm the nervous system. Activated charcoal serves as a purifying agent and shea butter leaves your skin feeling smooth and sumptuous.

The wealth and affluence of this fictional family commands the respect and reverence of the people over whom they rule. They are a powerful and noble force that few have successfully challenged.

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